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Point 8 - visit 4 different postcrossing meetings - Number 1

Hey everybody,


yesterday I joined the postcrossing meeting in the Netherlands. We went together to Burgers Zoo and I met nice people.
Roxxy, Carolien25, bookoholic, Femkedorien, Moniquemonique, Stephany and me (BlackCat) were there.
I was so happy to see Roxy, Carolien and Nicolette again. The other girls were new to me and they were so nice as well ! I like them.

Thanks for this nice meeting.



PS. Proofs: Photos ! You can see them on the page proofs.

30.8.09 16:33

Writing & Reading

1. write a book

2. read 20 books from my To Read list (0/20)

3. use 30 of my writing pads (0/30)

4. make 100 greeting cards (0/100)

5. read one Terry Pratchett book

6. write a newspaper article and try to publish it

7. send 3 secrets to postsecret (German or English / 0/3)

8. join 4 different postcrossing meetings (0/4)

9. write a diary for 1 month

10. start a new pen pal book

11. buying Wreck this journal and do it

12. send 100 official postcards at postcrossing (0/100)

13. use all my Diddl pads (0/19)

14. become a member of our library

15. write a notebook for myself

16. write a letter with more than 50 A4 sites

23.8.09 20:41

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